Technical Specifications

Specifications of my car:


-1.3 L l-4 EFI

-69 bhp at 5500 rpm

-78 lb.ft at 3000 rpm

-8 valves

-10.2 compression


-5 speed manual

-6000 rpm redline



– 3 doors

-wheelbase 96.38 inches

-length 142.52 inches

-height 54.53 inches

-4 seats

-front brake discs

-rear brake drums

-185/65 R14 tyres

-871kg curb weight

-13.01 weight-power output ratio

-186L boot capacity

Performance/Fuel Consumption:

-104 MPH top speed

-0-60 14.1 seconds

-40L fuel tank

-147g/km C02 (£145 tax per year)


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